I gave a talk on the practice of Plant Dieta, in 2016, just after returning to South Africa after my intensive 5 years living in the Peruvian Amazon.

This is a podcast interview Miraz and I recorded for the Birdsong Podcast in April 2020.


My Blood Moon Art was featured on the SuperFeast blog as part of their Women’s Menstrual Health Awareness month.

I had one of my poem’s published in the March 2020 issue of The Deep Times Journal, called Lilikoi, A Song of Connection.

This is a quarterly journal that centers around The Spiral of The Work That Reconnects.

This is an excerpt of an interview I did about working with Ayahuasca for the Wellness Warehouse Magazine, you can find it in the August 2017 issue, pg40


Here is a small excerpt from a recent podcast that Miraz and recorded with Turning Season’s Podcast, Episode 6:

My partner Miraz and I have recorded two podcasts with Andrew Mack from Mildly Dissapointed. Our first conversation is episode #63 and we rap on our experience with the plant medicines, integration and cultural healing. Our second conversation is episode #73 where we talk about The Work that Reconnects/Deep Ecology.