I offer a variety of services which include workshops, retreats, study groups, pre and post ceremonial consultation, and one-on-one treatments that involve bodywork, somatic therapies, guided introspection and various other approaches and modalities.

  • Somatic breath and bodywork therapies
  • Workshops of The Work that Reconnects & Deep Nature Connection
  • Resilience Circles & Earth Regeneration Action Groups
  • Plant ceremony preparation and integration guidance
  • Depth imagery/imaginal journeys
  • Dieta and master teacher plants
  • Flower Essences & flower journeys
  • Plant baths
  • Vapour baths
  • Plant Vapour/Sweat ceremonies
  • I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I do most of my work alongside my partner Helm. If you would like to collaborate or have any questions then please get in contact.

    Upcoming Events

    Artwork with permission by Doug Van Houten

    **25% of this workshops proceeds will be donated to Melbourne Rainforest Action Group (MRAG) https://rainforestactiongroup.org/
    25% will be going to Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Group https://www.seedmob.org.au/ **

    We live in challenging and deeply uncertain times, where the words ‘climate emergency’ and ‘sixth mass extinction’ have hit the mainstream, and predictions of near-term social, economic and environmental collapse cause great concern for a growing number of people of all ages. The sickness of our culture has become hard to deny, and many of us feel alone as we hold within us the weight of the world.

    So many of us are also expressing a longing to come into deeper connection with each other, to live meaningful lives and to feel ourselves returned to the circle of belonging within the wider Earth community. There is also a growing desire to participate in a collective shift towards a regenerative and sustainable culture, what Joanna Macy calls, The Great Turning.

    In this body of work, we see the root cause of these converging crises to be the pervasive illusion of separation between humans and the rest of the natural world. By learning to recognize our inter-connectedness we invite the spontaneous healing of the psyche and by extension, of the systems that were born from the deep split within us. We also come to understand the inseparability of personal, cultural, and ecological healing.

    Engaging the transformative power of communal ritual, process, dialogue, poetry and music- we will create a foundation of radical gratitude, to honour and transmute the grief we are carrying for the Earth and our global family, explore new ways of seeing these difficult times, and seek meaningful ways to respond.

    There are many hard things to face in our world today, but our pain is a sign that we are fully alive and connected to the web of life. If we want to contribute to a better world we must be willing to acknowledge and metabolize our fears and sorrows into inspiration, strength, and deeper purpose. Only then can we bring forward our unique gifts and shine a light into this dark night of the soul of humanity.

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    Past Events

    Work that Reconnects Intro workshops

    Presentations and Talks

    The conference will bring people together from a range of fields – including earth ethics, environmental education, Indigenous knowledge systems, environmental psychology, deep ecology, arts, law, science, business, religion and eco-spirituality – to address our central questions:

    ** How do we build Earth-centred ethics in Australian society?
    ** What barriers prevent people from developing and maintaining an Earth-centred world view?
    ** How do we address these barriers?

    The way we think about ourselves and understand our world informs the governance systems that guide our societies, so our ethical world view is a critical part of the roots for larger change. Earth Ethics orient people towards recognising the interconnected systems of life that we are part of, and in turn help us reflect, make decisions and act in a way that nurtures rather than destroys the living world.

    The Conference aims to help people learn and share information about how Earth-centred ethics can be nurtured and built in a time of global ecological crisis and how human societies can continue to build hope and resilience as we face ever increasing environmental, psychological and spiritual challenges.
    Event page here

    Work That Reconnects Immersions

    Active Hope Study Groups

    Active Hope is about finding, and offering, our best response to the crisis of sustainability and regeneration unfolding in our world. It offers tools that help us face the mess we’re in, as well as find and play our role in the collective transition, or Great Turning, to a life-sustaining society.

    At the heart of this process is the idea that Active Hope is something we do rather than have. It involves being clear what we hope for and then playing our role in the process of bringing that about. The journey of finding, and offering, our unique contribution to the Great Turning helps us to discover new strengths, open to a wider network of allies and experience a deepening of our aliveness. When our responses are guided by the intention to act for the healing of our world, the mess we’re in not only becomes easier to face, our lives also become more meaningful and satisfying.

    The book guides the reader through a transformational process informed by mythic journeys, modern psychology, spirituality and holistic science. This process equips us with tools to face the mess we’re in and play our role in the collective transition, or Great Turning, towards a life-sustaining society. Facebook event here

    Rainforest Conservation Fundraiser’s

    Women’s Rose Medicine Retreats

    A 10 day residential deep dive into the medicine, alchemy and potency of the Rose lineage. Rose ceremonies, rose flower essence making, flower baths, vapor baths, guidance and exercises in plant spirit relating, sharing circles, breathwork, movement practices, and nature excursions.

    Flower Spirit Medicine Workshops

    This is an experiential workshop where we will go through the process of making our own flower essences and then discover various ways of entering into deeper relationship with those flowers in order to receive their gifts and teachings.

    We will also learn how to make various plant baths for cleansing and protection, and also for attracting goodluck and abundance.
    While learning to communicate and come into kinship with the plants is a long journey that requires dedication and genuine heartfelt intention, this workshop is intended to subtly entice you into their realms and open your heart to their magic. See Facebook event here

    Flower Spirit Medicine Retreats

    A residential weekend immersion into flower spirit medicine. Flower ceremonies, flower baths, vapor baths, sound journey, breathwork, sharing and integration circles.

    Plant Medicine retreats in Peru

    A handful of the many groups I have facilitated through intensive plant medicine healing retreats in the Peruvian Amazon from 2011-2016.