I have a wide variety of offerings which include workshops, retreats, study groups, pre and post ceremonial consultation, and one-on-one treatments that involve bodywork, somatic therapies, guided introspection and various other approaches and modalities.

  • One-on-one Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Breathwork and Somatic Soul Work Therapies
  • Workshops of The Work that Reconnects/ Deep Ecology & Deep Nature Connection
  • Resilience Circles & Earth Regeneration Action Groups; Study Groups
  • Plant Ceremonial Preparation and Integration Counselling
  • Plant Connection, Animist Perception and Ritual workshops
  • I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I do most of my work alongside my partner Miraz. If you would like to collaborate or have any questions then please get in contact.

    Upcoming Events

    Join us for our next Webinar and Conversation Café offering.

    Honoring Our Pain for the World
    with John Seed and Skye Mandozay

    Saturday, September 16 at 4pm PDT / Sunday, September 17 at 9am AEST
    Check what time this will be for you. Register here.

    Join John Seed and Skye Mandozay as they explore the theme of “Honouring Our Pain for the World”, a key step in the Experiential Deep Ecology and Work That Reconnects Spiral Journey. Through poetry, song, story and experiential process inspired by Joanna Macy’s “Despair and Empowerment” work and Francis Weller’s “Five Gates of Grief”, we will acknowledge and validate difficult emotions such as grief, anger, fear and despair as evidence of our mutual belonging in a relational universe, and hence our power to take action on behalf of all life. Through this exploration, we will seek to establish the value of feeling as a form of deep intelligence and communication from the wider Earth system in which we are all inextricably embedded. 

    “Pain for the world is not only natural, it is a necessary component of our healing. As in all organisms, pain has a purpose: it is a warning signal, designed to trigger remedial action. It is not to be banished by injections of optimism or sermons on “positive thinking.” It is to be named and validated as a healthy, normal human response to the situation we find ourselves in. Faced and experienced, its power can be used. As the frozen defences of the psyche thaw, new energies and intelligence are released.“
    – Joanna Macy

    “Our broken hearts have the potential to open us to a wider sense of identity, one capable of seeing through the partitions that have segregated self from world. Through grief, we are initiated into a more inclusive conversation between our singular lives and the soul of the world. We are coming to understand that there is no isolated self stranded in the cosmos; we are participants in an entwined and entangled net of connections with a continuous exchange of light, air, gravity, thought, color, and sound, all coalescing in the elegant dance that is our shared life. It is the broken heart that can let slip into its core the shimmer of a salmon gliding just under the surface of the water, the startling arc of the swift, the wonder of Mozart, and the sheer beauty of sunrise.”
    – Francis Weller

    Past Events

    Experiential Deep Ecology Webinar with John Seed and Skye Mandozay, for the Work That Reconnects Network’s “Conversation Cafe and Webinar” series. View the recording here

    Guest teaching alongside John Seed on this closed 6-week onlinePurpose In The Great Turning‘ group in January 2023.

    Deep Ecology 6 Week Online Course.

    Co-facilitating alongside 6 other experienced facilitators on this 6 week online Deep Ecology workshop. Event information here. For upcoming online 6week Deep Eco courses, you can go here


    Life has thrown me so many curveballs in the last month that I still haven’t really had the chance to reflect and share on the absolutely stunning 4day “Work That Reconnects” Immersion we ran back in April…

    This one was quite different from all our previous ones in that most of the folks who decided to join us were already familiar with this work or had explored similar territory before – so we unintentionally gathered a bit of an advanced group which allowed us to reach depths that we just never have before.

    It all began with the most gorgeous process of “Acknowledging and Connecting to the Animate Earth Body” through local wild-harvested clay play and spontaneous full-bodied land greeting led by my beloved friends Elisabeth Bromley and Nicole Cociş 💚

    After this gentle process of “loosening the hold of the human” and acknowledging the painful and beautiful history of the land… We moved into some resourcing and connection through “Gratitude, Noticing and Recognition” processes. This is the simple yet potent practice of waking up to your life and the infinite, often awe-inspiring causes and conditions that make the next breath possible.

    The next morning, after starting our day with gentle embodiment practices led by Samantha Natalie and Nick Lawson

    We entered the ripe and necessary territory of “Honouring our Pain”.

    Beginning with an exploration of the “dark emotions” and how they are typically approached in western culture – we then explored the alternative maps offered by both Joanna Macy and Francis Weller, especially touching on the very useful language around “The Gates of Grief” and our capacity to feel the pain of our Larger Earth Body as a pathway back into connection with all of life. This prepared the ground for our 4 hour “Grief and Truth Speaking” ritual.

    This ritual was magnificent! Ferocious and soul-wrenching at times.

    I am so grateful to John Seed for introducing us to the power of grief ritual… And grateful to all the folks who keep agreeing to take part, as it really takes the extended nervous system of the village to meet the intensity of these times and all that the human and other-than-human world is experiencing in this deeply uncertain moment in time.

    This powerful ritual was followed by a gentle art therapy and somatic integration session led by Tanyay Hawkes and Phoebe Dixon and then a spontaneous fireside musical jam and poetry session in the evening.

    On day three, after another beautiful embodiment session with Sam and Nick…

    We prepared for the next step on the Spiral… The step of expanding beyond our narrow human identities and stepping into our Entangled, Inter-dependent Selves… Here we explore new (and very old) maps and langauge around themes of Interbeing, Living Systems Theory, Gaia Theory, Deep Ecology, Animism etc and then enter into processes that help to further shed the seperation and come into the slow recognition of the Earth as our wider body.

    This process began with a shape-shifting ritual called “The Council of All Beings”…

    We were invited to drop our human facade and shapeshift into other-than-human counterparts who were longing to be heard.

    Some of the other-than-humans that joined that particular Council were Lion, Amanita Mushroom, Water, Rotting log, Robin, The Colour Green, Sheep, The Seven Sisters, Tree Fern, Parrot… And more!

    It was heartbreaking, hilarious and deeply moving.

    After some rest we then prepared to enter into an Eco-Breath ritual. A process of using a particular breathing pattern and evocative music to help us to further release the human and access our transpersonal selves.

    Such a potent evening of shedding and becoming.

    On the final morning, under the trees and under the watchful gaze of Robins, we travelled through a hand portal and into recognition of ourselves as a process unfolding over unimaginable lengths of time.

    And then finally, Elisabeth and Nicole lead us through a ritual of “Reciprocity and Thanks Giving” to the waters and ancestors of the land before a heartfelt closing circle.

    My faith in this map only keeps growing with time… And I just have so much gratitude to John Seed and Joanna Macy for so elegantly braiding the various threads that comprise it… And to the many people who have contributed to it’s current form over decades. Also grateful to the gorgeous regenerated land at Camp Eureka that has held us through each one of these explorations over the years and to the folks dedicated to returning it to health.

    And gratitude for the practice community that is steadily growing around this work.

    May the seeds sown by this precious work continue to flourish in ways seen and unseen.

    May it help us to stay awake to what is unfolding on this precious planet we call home.

    May it support us in coming to the fullness of who we are, to steady us in these times of great uncertainty and give us a pathway forward to act on behalf of the flourishing our larger body. May it help us to choose the loving way, the kind way in times of struggle.

    May it help us enter into the Long Dark, not with hope that things will turn out the way we want them too, but with the deep conviction that this is our world and showing up fully is what we are here for… No matter what the outcome is 🖤🖤

    ** 50% of all the proceeds for this event went to supporting the Rainforest Action Group (MRAG) and the Rainforest Information Centre (RIC) on their efforts to protect the Old Growth Forests of Ecuador and the precious headwaters of the Amazon River from mining concessions owned primarily by Australian companies.

    We are so grateful to the efforts of this small team who work their butts off on behalf of all of us. Liz Downes and Rebekah Hayden💚 I’ll attach their website in the comments for anyone curious about their work or who would like to support their efforts.


    John Seed and I will be joining as guests in this upcoming study group of Joanna Macy’s new book “A Wild Love for The World”. Dates are Jan 23- March 20th 2022.

    “Please join us for this eight-week book group series revolving around Macy’s recent publication, A Wild Love for the World, which documents 37 global citizens who have been inspired by Macy’s work to create change in their home communities. We will couple these readings with “Work that Reconnects” practices, as well as principles from Adrienne Maree Brown’s “Emergent Strategy,” to help you discover and energize your unique and essential purpose in the Great Turning.

    We may not know what will happen, but as Macy teachers, that uncertainty can drop us into our truest intention, independent of outcome. To help guide us on this journey of discovery, we will bring in special guests, including Joanna Macy and deep ecology-activist John Seed, to inspire us with how they have awakened and lived out their contributions to The Great Turning.”

    If you are curious to know more, head over to https://schoolforthegreatturning.com/

    Deep Ecology 3day Immersion at Camp Eureka May 21-23rd 2021

    25 of us came together for 3days to travel through ‘The Spiral’ of ‘The Work That Reconnects’. We began with some truth speaking around ‘Business As Usual’ and ‘The Great Unravelling’ and the many ways we see it happening around us and through us. We then resourced, centred and softened ourselves with the gift of praise and gratitude before entering into a powerful ritual for allowing the rarely acknowledged and often suppressed ‘Pain/ Despair/ Rage/ Emptiness and Grief for the World’ to be felt, expressed and lovingly witnessed with compassion.

    From there we travelled into the many facets of our ‘Interconnected Ecological Selves’ through rituals and processes that begin to widen the identity to encompass the whole of life… That help us to soften the armor that is experienced as the “the separate human self”… the all important and exalted “individual”… And enter back into the wider conversation. One of these processes is the before- mentioned, ‘Council of All Beings’… A process where we allow ourselves to be chosen by an other-than-human and then masked, we invite them to speak through us. In this particular Council, we were joined by everyone from the Hydrological Cycle and The Green Man, to rivers, trees, birds, insects, eels, soil, rotting stumps, menstrual blood and even plastic! With masks donned, we entered into a lively discussion on the impacts of human driven ‘Industrial Growth Society’ on our homes and our lives, and how we might help the humans return to a felt sense of belonging and reciprocity with the wider family of life.

    Finally, in preparation for ‘Going Forth’, we entered into a process where we shared what we feel is ours to do in this ‘The Great Turning’ and allowed ourselves to be supported in our vision by both the ancestors and future ones. As always, I was moved to tears by the power and beauty of this work so many times throughout the weekend! It really is one of my favorite ways to spend my precious life energy. I feel so grateful to this body of work and to John Seed for introducing it to Helm and I and to Joanna Macy for co-creating it with John and many others… and to the amazing community of people that have come into my life through it. We also managed to raise over $2000 in support of the Melbourne Rainforest Action Group, a small but fierce group of activists who work tirelessly and with very little recognition or support – to put a stop to Australian owned mining companies that are tearing up highly biodiverse indigenous territory in the Ecuadorian cloud forests and the headwaters of the Amazon. They are also currently working to support a very important court case that is being fought on the basis of ‘The Rights of Nature’ and if it is won, it will set an important precedent for the protection of forests worldwide!

    Ticket page here

    March 26-29th 2021, at Camp Eureka in Yarra Junction, Melbourne.

    Feeling grateful for a very potent 4day immersion into The Work That Reconnects/ Deep Ecology with this incredible group of deeply feeling humans and the wider ecology on Woiwurrung Country that held us throughout.
    During the process, we turned our hearts and minds towards the painful and inseparable truths of social, environmental and biosphere unraveling… And then beneath these intersectional crises, toward the story of separation that underpins them all.
    We then we wove a path through grief and gratitude, toward a new and old way of seeing. A way that will potentially seed a different kind of human as we continue to compost and become something else as the result of this rough initiation.
    The human as we know it is being undone, and the outcome of that process is uncertain…But I do know that slowing down enough to feel and grieve our lostness and the immense harm we have caused and are causing in this great forgetting is essential.
    As is the importance of finding doorways back into remembrance of ourselves as more-than-human, as interconnected ecologies… AS GAIA. To gawk in absolute wonder and awe at the immensity and mystery of what we truly are.
    And in this way, we begin to relinquish our grasping onto what we think needs to happen and instead, following a deeper non-linear intelligence that carries forth our life-enhancing gifts in service of the whole.
    I love this map, and I feel deeply grateful to Joanna Macy, John Seed and the myriad others who have contributed to its emergent form. And grateful to our beautiful web of supporters and participants who contributed their medicine to the brew we made as an organism, drinking deeply of each other, in our longing to wake up from this trance of unbelonging.
    ———-All profits from this event have gone to support The Melbourne Rainforest Action Group (MRAG) in their efforts to prevent open pit mining in precious and highly biodiverse old growth forest in Ecuador by predominantly Australian owned mining companies. If you would like to support their work, please check out their website for more info.

    Ticket page here

    The Embodiment Conference

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    We facilitated an hour long presentation at the Embodiment Conference on the topic of Neurognostics, Deep Ecology and Animist Perception.

    Work that Reconnects Intro workshops

    Shorter one-day and 2.5hour intro workshops to The Work That Reconnects/Deep Ecology

    Presentations and Talks

    I co-presented an hour long WTR workshop at this conference.

    Work That Reconnects Immersions

    Active Hope Study Groups

    Active Hope is about finding, and offering, our best response to the crisis of sustainability and regeneration unfolding in our world. It offers tools that help us face the mess we’re in, as well as find and play our role in the collective transition, or Great Turning, to a life-sustaining society.

    At the heart of this process is the idea that Active Hope is something we do rather than have. It involves being clear what we hope for and then playing our role in the process of bringing that about. The journey of finding, and offering, our unique contribution to the Great Turning helps us to discover new strengths, open to a wider network of allies and experience a deepening of our aliveness. When our responses are guided by the intention to act for the healing of our world, the mess we’re in not only becomes easier to face, our lives also become more meaningful and satisfying.

    The book guides the reader through a transformational process informed by mythic journeys, modern psychology, spirituality and holistic science. This process equips us with tools to face the mess we’re in and play our role in the collective transition, or Great Turning, towards a life-sustaining society. Facebook event here

    Rainforest Conservation Fundraiser’s

    A lunar journey through transformational myth, ancestral healing, and plant medicine. Honouring the role of descent in times of radical change.

    This journey involves 5 online workshops over the course of a month starting on the Scorpio full moon of May 7th. 

    Featuring guest teachers and healers we will create a safe space to share wisdom, energetic activations, and home practices. This content will centre around the healing process of “initiation by descent”, (to read more about this term, scroll down). 

    Our presenters are herbalists, astrologers, artists, storytellers, shamanic healers, activists, and earth keepers. 

    Our wish is to empower you through times of upheaval and change by connecting deeply with the transformative medicine that exists within the natural cycles of birth, death, and renewal. To remember how to work with the deep, nourishment found when we travel to these deep, dark, feminine realms. 

    It is our hope that a world where more people live consciously with these cycles and living archetypes can be a world that is more connected, compassionate, and creative. 
    Begins May 7th 2020
    Price: $108AUD

    Women’s Rose Medicine Retreats

    A 10 day residential deep dive into the medicine, alchemy and potency of the Rose lineage. Rose ceremonies, rose flower essence making, flower baths, vapor baths, guidance and exercises in plant spirit relating, sharing circles, breathwork, movement practices, and nature excursions.

    Flower Spirit Medicine Workshops

    This was an experiential workshop where we went through the process of making our own flower essences and then discovered various ways of entering into a deeper relationship with those flowers in order to receive their gifts and teachings.

    We will practised making various plant baths for cleansing and protection, and also for attracting good luck and abundance.
    While learning to communicate and come into kinship with the plants is a long journey that requires dedication and genuine heartfelt intention, this workshop is intended to subtly entice you into their realms and open your heart to their magic. See Facebook event here

    Flower Spirit Medicine Retreats

    Some snaps from two of my residential weekend immersions into Flower Spirit Medicine. Flower Ceremonies, Flower Baths, Vapor Baths, Sound Journey, Breathwork journey, Sharing and Integration Circles.

    Plant Medicine Retreats in Peru

    A handful of the many groups I have facilitated through intensive plant medicine healing retreats in the Peruvian Amazon from 2011-2016.