Introduction to The Work That Reconnects/ Experiential Deep Ecology:

Seeing Through the Story of Separation/ The History and Elements of Business as Usual:

The Great Unravelling Data and Predictions:

The Long Dark/ The Rough Initiation/ Collective Descent:

Gratitude, Praise and Reciprocity:

Honouring Our Pain/ The Gates of Grief/ Wisdom of Anger:

Seeing with New Eyes/ The Wider Sense of Self/ Animist Perception/ Interbeing:

Animist Perception:

Gaian Awareness:

Living Systems and Complexity Theory:

Deep Time / Story of the Universe:

Deep Ecology:

Anima Mundi:

Ecopsychology and Eco Poetry:

Interbeing/ Prajnaparamita:

Going Forth/ Cultural and Ecological Regeneration/ Living with Uncertainty:

On Death and Dying:



People to Check Out:

Joanna Macy, John Seed, Stephen Harrod Buhner, Daniel Foor, Gabor Mate, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Adrienne Maree Brown, Thomas Berry, Brian Thomas Swimme, Joan Halifax, Adyashanti, Jon Young, Stephen Jenkinson, Bill Plotkin, Michaela Boehm, Charles Eisenstein, Daniel Christian Wahl, Sharon Blackie, Lama Tsultrim Allione, Francis Weller, Martin Prechtel, Brene Brown, David Abram.