Little Lioness

My little voice from that place that knows.

How do I teach myself to better listen to what you have to say?

Ever present but rarely noticed, I forget my hands are your paws and that we walk this bush as one.

You are my wild heart that cannot help dreaming of open plains and untouched lands that speak in tongues lost to all but the quietest of minds, the subtlest of hearts.

Please teach me to walk unheard in this wild place so I may see what you see, feel what you feel.

Please show me how to dreamwalk this world and enter deeply into its many wounds.

I feel your mind touch mine, how long have you known me?

When did you agree to lead me through the dunes and through the world kissed by the sun and his people?

Sometimes, I feel our instincts as one, has it always been this way?

You have shown me death and because of you I feel its caress across my sides like a lover never forgotten.

Will you be there when I breathe my last? Will you crush my neck and feel my heart beats count out their last rhythmic pulses until I am freed from this body to walk with you between worlds?

I know you in a way that another cannot be known through form- you shield me from that which would wish me harm and you guide me through the fire, yet this is not the first time is it?

Nor the last.

When I am quiet, I feel you move up against my body. I thought you left, but you never left, did you?

You are my fearless love, my shattered heart, my aching soul that stirs only for the smell of the moist earth on the wind.

Thank you