We are giant receptor sites for entanglement and engagement.
We came into this life expecting to be inducted into the grandeur of our participatory cosmological identity and instead we were sold the narcissistic grandiosity of individualism… A neurotic self-obsession. Isolated.
Alone, and convinced that anything that feels wrong with this picture, must surely be us!

There, just below the surface of this modern mind is an archaic being that holds the full memory of our species journey from single-celled soup to complex, upright Ape… This being remembers what nearly everyone alive has forgotten, and this memory rattles like a permanent echo across our dusty bones. It whispers to us in quiet moments and sends unsettling feelings that make it really hard to “just get on with it”.

I assure you, it’s perfectly okay to grieve for a world that you have never actually seen with these young eyes but whose memory you carry in some deep place that is older than your face…
In fact, I would argue that this is one of the many ways to keep that deeper, wilder, more primal dream alive until such a time that those seeds might germinate and possibly even bloom.

May we awaken from this trance of anaemic, threadbare separation (cleverly disguised as “the ways things are”) back into the fullness of our fugitive multiplicity.

~ my meanderings in response to a truly beautiful transmission on the 4th Gate of Grief by Francis Weller