The Embodiment Conference: Maps to Connected Perception; Deep Ecology, Plant Medicine and Animism as Gateways into the Wider Body of Earth

THE EMBODIMENT CONFERENCE We are delighted to be part of The Embodiment Conference. It will be a rich opportunity to come home to your body, in our chaotic world. Many of the planet’s best teachers will be there, and it costs nothing to be a part of. It’s free to all, online, and boasts keynote speakers such as Charles Eisenstein, Philip Shepherd, Judith Blackstone, David Abram, Bayo Akamolofe and many more.


In this weeks podcast episode we have Skye and Miraz joining us. We go deep into a number of themes exploring the culture of separation that plagues the collective sphere we all find ourselves in, the re-orientation of our perception to animistic worldviews, their many years in the amazon jungle studying amazonian shamanism, the frameworks that the indigneous shipibo people passed onto them to assist in the relating with a living breathing jungle, and extrapolating from that, a living breathing planet, and how this path interrelates into the work that they’re currently doing, known as deep ecology, aka, the work that reconnects.

Wild-eyed spirit weaver- Icaros, the sacred medicine songs of the Amazon

The icaros are a kind of embodied and melodious prayer that are empowered by the spirits of plants(devas), nature beings, deities, ancestors and archetypal energies in the attempt to weave an energetic container, open doorways to the inner worlds and create pathways/maps for those journeying within.

Plant Dieta- The practice of depth relating

Plant Dieta is the soul of Amazonian curanderismo, and without a doubt, one of the most invaluable practices transmitted to us during our time in the jungle. How the practice is undertaken varies with each curandero or tribal group. What we discuss here is based on what we learned during our 4-year apprenticeship within the Shipibo tradition of curanderismo and also from our own direct experience and understanding.

Amazonian Curanderismo – the art and science of plant spirit medicine

There are many forms of “Curanderismo” (what many of us in the West might call shamanism- a term that actually originates in Siberia) – the practice of plant and ancestral spirit medicine. What we present here is our own ever-evolving perspective and understanding, formed during our time in the Peruvian Amazon, in a full-time apprenticeship with indigenous Shipibo curanderos of the Mahua-Lopez lineage.

Passionate Love Affair- Flower Essence Medicine

Flowers speak the language of the heart and frequently pull me out of my linear thought processes and into the world of music, of poetry, art, stories, dreams, and vision. It is in this world where the medicines do their work, where they begin to weave their consciousness into our own with the potential for catalyzing a flowering within our own heart-mind.