Right now we are living in the midst of the 6th great mass extinction... and current estimates say we are losing between 100 and 200 species a day.
The most recent UN report says over a million species are threatened with extinction in the next few decades.

Stop. Breathe. Feel.

In the Belly of the Beast – My ‘city dieta’ and Earth body relationship as a practice

After growing up on a farm, living amongst the exquisite wildness of Cape Town, safari guiding in the bush and then living 5 years in the Amazon jungle studying plant medicine, the last two years in the city have been an initiation on many levels. I've had to learn to cultivate the space and atmosphere for relationship and re-enchantment with my Earth body that usually comes quite easily to me when I'm living in natural or remote places and especially when my last job was facilitating plant medicine retreats and dietas under the guidance of peoples who hold a primarily animist worldview- kinda cheating, haha

The Polarised Debate on Climate Change, Trusting my Senses, Building Resilience & Coming Back into Relationship with my Earth Body

I prefer to trust my own senses and experience- as it appears that both sides also fall prey to their own confirmation bias and in many ways, I feel that focusing all our attention on global climate change and carbon levels is a reduction of a much wider, and possibly more serious problem happening in clear view of us all: Widespread, catastrophic land and ecosystem degradation and loss of biodiversity (which is also inseparable from climate).

Life as a Waiting Room

I'm a dreamer and probably a bit of an idealist, I have so many beautiful long-held dreams of how I want to live with this world and all the ways I want to contribute. They are good dreams too, the kind of dreams that could potentially make a real positive impact on this world. Some of them are near at hand, and some are far. Even very far (like bordering on pipe dream far)...

The Shape of Place in Me

I often dream of wild untouched places & epic landscapes at night- without any story or content necessarily... Just wandering through these powerful places, soaking them in. Many of these places are familiar to me though I might not know them in waking life & some of them are places I have been returning to in my dreams since I was a child....

The Blood Mysteries and Transformation of the ‘Red Curse’ 🔻

The blood mysteries are the sacred rites of passage in women’s sexual life cycle. The biological and psycho-spiritual changes of menarche, menstruation, pregnancy, birth, and menopause bestow feminine wisdom, spiritual and physical health, and sexual empowerment through the body. Women healers have long honored the sacred feminine healing powers of the Blood Mysteries, as sacred and powerful life transformations.” Kara Maria Ananda

Wild-eyed spirit weaver- Icaros, the sacred medicine songs of the Amazon

The icaros are a kind of embodied and melodious prayer that are empowered by the spirits of plants(devas), nature beings, deities, ancestors and archetypal energies in the attempt to weave an energetic container, open doorways to the inner worlds and create pathways/maps for those journeying within.

Plant Dieta- The practice of depth relating

Plant Dieta is the soul of Amazonian curanderismo, and without a doubt, one of the most invaluable practices transmitted to us during our time in the jungle. How the practice is undertaken varies with each curandero or tribal group. What we discuss here is based on what we learned during our 4-year apprenticeship within the Shipibo tradition of curanderismo and also from our own direct experience and understanding.

Amazonian Curanderismo – the art and science of plant spirit medicine

There are many forms of “Curanderismo” (what many of us in the West might call shamanism- a term that actually originates in Siberia) – the practice of plant and ancestral spirit medicine. What we present here is our own ever-evolving perspective and understanding, formed during our time in the Peruvian Amazon, in a full-time apprenticeship with indigenous Shipibo curanderos of the Mahua-Lopez lineage.